Users and Roles

This is the module where you can control and manage the users and provide specific permission for them based on their roles. This is mainly accessed by only the admins who define, create or grant roles to the users.

Click on the Users and Roles Module from the module page. There are two sections under this module for Users and for Roles. The page opens as shown below:



In the graph, the Orange color represents the Roles and the Blue color are the users.

  1. Manage Roles : Create and Manage roles can be done by the following ways:



  1. You would need to give a new name for the role you would like to create and the select the permissions for the role. The selection of permissions allows the user with “Super Admin” role to access to the opted sections inside the application. Or For this role, if we unselect first option “Access Survey Reports”, this user with Super Admin role cannot access the Survey reports.
  2. Click on the add button to create the role.
  3. Once the role is created, it gets added to the Roles Directory where you can edit, update and delete the roles. This is where you can manage the roles that you have created.



  1. Manage Users: This is the section where you can create a new user and update the user’s profiles.



  1. You need to provide the mandatory details like name, email address, password and Expiry date if necessary. If opted for the expiry date, the particular user account will get expired automatically. Say if the expiry date was given is on 28th June 2016, the user cannot access his account on 29th June 2016 and he will get a message that his account expired when he tries to log in with his credentials.
  2. Click on create once provide the necessary details.
  3. The account gets created and will take you to the next step wherein you can grant a role for this user.



You can select the roles you need to provide for this user and click Grant button. Revoke button would cancel the specified role the user.

Once the Role is granted then the Role and the user associated with that role would appear to the Users and Roles Graph page.



Once the User is created, you can later on manage the permissions by clicking on the manage user section wherein the user name will be displayed in the user directory as shown below:



Here the Name of the user, his specific assigned role, status if he is active or not, email address, the last activity data and time and the options to manage the user profiles.

  1. You have options like Assign role, edit, reset password and delete the user.

Assign Role: You can assign roles again from here wherein it would show already granted a role to this user.

Edit: Edit option only helps to edit the role assigned, email address, expiry date and also the approval status while creating an account.

Reset Password: Can reset your password from here.

Delete: you can delete a user if you do not want him/her to use the application anymore.