Styling and Theming

Change the look and feel of your survey and spruce up your survey background with datahub theming. You can choose one from our themes gallery and customize it to suit your brand.

Themes let you define global style settings that control the visual appearance of different elements of your applications.

On the survey Index page, click on the theme option for theming your survey.




The themes page would be displayed as shown below:



Here you have two tabs as option: Customize and Themes

Customize – this is the section where you can theme and design you survey from scratch. You have options to change the text color, size and font based on survey title, questions, and controls/buttons and add a background image. You can also include the Header and footer for your application which can be your company logo for example.

The various types of fields under customized themes are as listed below:

Title: here you have options to change or add the color, size, style and align the title text.



Question Cards: here you can change the questions text color, style as Bold, Italic and underline, question size, also can choose the defined question border and also the color you need.



Controls: Here you can change the size, color and style of the Button and button text.



Background: Here you have options to add background image or background color.



Header: Here you have the option to add your logo or any image as Header.



Footer: This is where you can change or edit the footer of your survey.



After applying the themes you like, you can save the theme in any names you need and can use the same for future.  The saved theme will appear under My Theme section, under Themes Tab.