Report Builder

A report builder module is used to build a report based on different surveys created by a user. This helps you to compare and analyze the results of different surveys. Below mentioned are the steps involved in the functionality of the report builder.

  1. Click on the Report Builder module from the application index page and moves to the page as shown below:



When you click on a particular report that you have created, it flips and shows us more options as listed below:

  1. Preview – Here you could view the report that you have created.
  2. Clone – You can clone and duplicate the report you created.
  3. Edit – You have the option to edit the report you created and update the data you need.
  4. Delete – You also have the option to delete a report.

New Report Creation: The + button in the top left corner is where you can create a new report. Already created reports will be displayed as shown below:



You can add as many as reports you can in the report builder. This will help you to compare the results of different users in different forms of reports like as charts, as text, as an entry, as rating, Comparative charts, dependency charts, table view etc.



The above-displayed types are the different forms of the report where you can generate the report based on these types. Each type options selected would display the other fields linked with this type field.

For example, if I select Chart option in type field, there is one more field added to the report builder page is that the Chart type (Pie, Bar and Doughnut charts), you can select the survey you need to use this report type, and the Survey question field would display the questions that support chart options. Like if you have radio button included in the survey then that particular question will be displayed.



This is how the result of a report appears when you preview it. When you hover over the pie chart number of users who choose different options would display.

Like this, you can compare and view the result as a report of as many surveys as you need.

Rating Type:


The data for the rating field used inside the survey will be displayed as shown above. It would show the overall percentage, no. of users who answered that particular question and also the options chosen by them.