Organization Management

As the name implies Organization Management means the process of organizing and controlling resources within itself. In datahub, you will be able to create, manage and control your own organization and the Groups or users associated with itself. You can create Organization and create different groups/ branches/ departments inside the same organization and can manage permission to access their surveys.

To create the organization inside datahub application, click on the organization Management module on the Application Module page. When you click on the module the page opens as shown below:



Then click on the + button to create a new organization. The page appears as shown below:



You need to provide a name for your organization, the telephone number, Address, email address, No: of users and groups you would need to put under this particular organization and also upload an image for the organization. Once the details are provided, click on Create button to create the organization.

The organization Index page would appear as shown below:



You have options to Edit, Manage the groups and Users Created and also to delete the organization. Once the Organization is created, you click on Manage Group option to create new Group or Branch or Department.

Click on the + button to create a new group and the page opens as shown below:



Provide the Group name or you can select from the list as shown. Those are the users currently in this account. Once the Group is created the page appears as shown below:



You have options to Edit, manage and include users inside this group. You can also create a group inside the group as a subgroup.



You can also add user/member from within the group itself and can assign/ grant specific roles to them.