datahub connect

datahub connect is the plug-in feature used to connect the datahub data with MS Excel, PowerPoint and Word. To have this feature enabled in you MS office, you need to install the setup in your system which would be provided by us.

Once the setup is installed, you can see in the menu bar “datahub connect” in either Excel, word or PowerPoint. For example, in excel, the plugin would show up as shown below:



Click on the Sign In Account option to link your surveys and reports to excel.

After logging to your account the page would appear like this:



There are options to refresh the data. After creation of reports using datahub connect, if we get any submissions, it would be automatically updated.

There are other two option tabs – Report and Survey Tables.



The Report tab would show the reports that’s created inside the Report builder module. If you need to fetch the data of the report inside the report builder module, you need to click on the particular report. This would display each question data in a separate sheet in excel as shown below: The data will be displayed in the table, charts or different types of chart formats.



Survey Tables are the surveys that you have created inside the account that’s linked to datahub connect. This displays all the surveys created in that particular account. When you click on a particular survey, it would display the data inside the survey in an excel format. It shows the submission details.



All these options are available in MS Word and PowerPoint as well. You can install the plugin in other MS applications and use the survey data for you presentations and reports.