Datahub Connect – Microsoft Office integrations

datahub Connect is a Set of Microsoft Add-Ins that allow users to interact with their survey and report data directly from Office tools such as Excel, Power point and Word.

To get started with Datahub Connect Download the addon package from the downloads page.

The installation wizard will guide you through the process, This might take 2 to 4 minutes depending on you PC configurations

Installation Wizard

After the successful installation, If you start either Microsoft Excel, Power-Point of Word you will be able to see a new tab has been added to your Menu Ribbon.

Menu Ribbon Powerpont

Click on the sign-in button and you will be prompted to enter the following credentials

Login dialog

  1. Server address – The address you have hosted your datahub server instance (Please note that SSL is mandatory of Datahub Connect to work)
  2. Your username
  3. Your password for that username

After the successful sign-in, a side bar will open and you will notice the Icons in the ribbon are also changed.

Ribbon after sign-in

You will see all your Reports and Surveys listed in the sidebar, To toggle this side bar click on ‘My Datahub’ button anytime



Click on your desired report’s or survey’s tile to pull the data directly to your Excel Workbook, Presentation or Word document.

The process may take several minutes depending upon the internet speed and volume of data in the report.