Application Modules

The application module can be used to define, create, apply logic and publish a survey.



Define Survey:

To create a new survey:

  1. Click on Application tab and click 2 button (Create Survey) in the lower right corner of your account.
  2. You will start with Define a Survey by providing name, description and Icon for it. Here the Name field is mandatory, description and Icon field is optional. However, it’s advised to use and Icon and a description for your survey to make it more professional.



Create Form:

  1. Next page will be the Form Design page where you can design your survey with as many controls as you need and will need to add and write the questions yourself.



  1. Here you can edit the fields as required. Can give a name for the field and select if you should make the field as required or not.



When you add a new question to your survey, an editing view appears where you can enter your question text and customize the question.



Type the question text and answer choices and review the options and settings available. Click Next. Or, Add Next Question to save this question and add a new question of the same types.

  1. If you need to duplicate the same field type for next question, you just need to click on the + button on the right corner of your control. This would duplicate the field as a copy and you can edit it if needed.



If you need to remove a field type, you can click on the – button on the right corner of the control.



Look up:

A lookup field is a read-only field that displays values at run-time based on search criteria you specify. The lookup field is used to map/link data from a set of data stored in the Application under dataset Module.

The dataset is data stored in Excel format, which can be uploaded or created within the application and later on can be used in Survey creation as lookup data. (Explained in detail in datasets chapter)





After uploading or creating a dataset, give a name for your dataset and save. Then, click your survey and go to survey creation page.



  1. Click on the Lookup tab
  2. Click on the control where you want to map the data to. Then, the options to map dataset appear as shown.
  3. This option we choose the option as Map field from the dataset.
  4. This option displays the name of the datasets created. Select the dataset you need to map to the control to.
  5. Select the option as set as the search field or search as a read-only field.
  6. This option displays the Map field name where you need to map the data to. For example, if we give the Map field as No., when we run the application, if we provide No. as 1, the data automatically appears as per mentioned in the data set.

When you test the survey, the page appears like this: Near the search option, we need to give the number as 1 and then press tab, the data automatically pops up.



Preview the Survey:

Always you can preview and test your survey before sending it to respondents so you can catch any mistakes or issues.

You can preview a survey page, as when you create a particular survey. The option is available on the right side of the Survey creation page.



  1. Click on the Preview section.
  2. This is the Pushpin button wherein you can pin the Preview tab to you survey page.
  3. This is the Refresh button where in this would refresh the controls or the fields that we add to the survey page.
  4. This is the Preview Model. You can select the Model type for preview.
  5. This is Full Screen A new window opens for you to test and view the survey design.


After designing the survey page, click next to move on to the Logic page. You can add logic to the controls. Not all controls can be used for applying logic. The controls with Logic access are explained in Control Sheets.

  1. Type all the questions you need under survey creation page.
  2. Click Next button to move to Logic page. The page appears as below:



Click on the Logic tab to apply Logic options. This is the Logic option for the Number question type. You can hide or show the questions as required by using Logic.

For example, here if the value entered is lower than 5000 and action mentioned is hide, also you can select the questions you need to show and hide when this logic is applied. So if we enter the value below 5000, the later questions will not show.





After the structure of your survey is in place, and your logic is working smoothly, you can focus on fine-tuning the appearance of your survey with design and display options. You can show or hide an element on the survey page, add the logo, themes, set timer and date to publish the survey and limit the survey to a specific group of users.




  1. This option displays the Survey created date and time.
  2. Select the Survey Type as Survey or Recurring Survey. Recurring Surveys are those which would reoccur on the daily, weekly or Monthly basis.
  3. By selecting the Recurring/repetition type which can be of daily, weekly or Monthly. Weekly – can set the particular day, Monthly – can set on which day you need the survey to be displayed (Shown below)



  1. You can provide the Deadline date and time for a Survey to be completed by the users.
  2. Who can answer section can limit the usage of a survey to a set of Group/departments. You also have the option to choose if you don’t need the users to answer the survey from same IP address.
  3. Can set Timer for a survey. This can be used mainly for online examinations.
  4. Can set the After Submission status of the survey. You can Reload the survey or Redirect to URL for example , ay be to the company website.
  5. Click on the update/Save button to finish the final stage of survey creation.