Application Page

The surveys you created with survey icons appears as shown below:



Survey Options

For more options of a particular survey, you need to click on the same and then the survey designs flips for more options as shown below:




Detailed explanation is provided in the Survey Result Analysis chapter.

Editing a Survey:

Editing can be done even after creating the surveys. You can edit the survey from scratch. You can edit the name, description, survey images, and survey questions as well as change the settings of the survey.



Publish a Survey:

By clicking on the Publish button, few other options appears as shown below:



  1. Test Survey: This is where you test the application that you created. The test can be done to view if the settings that we provided is working fine or not.
  2. Publish to Device: This option enables a user to push the surveys created by him/her onto any Android or iOS device.
  3. Copy URL: Can copy the URL directly and share or use in any other browsers.
  4. Share with Social Media: The surveys you created can be shared using WhatsApp, Facebook, Google+ or by Message. Survey link can be copied and shared using these options.
  5. Email Broadcast: This is the section where you can send in the Email invitation to the users to attend the survey. Detailed Explanation is provided in the Bulk Email Module chapter.


Clone a Survey:

Cloning a survey will create a duplicate version of the survey in your account. You can edit the copied version however you’d like without affecting the original survey or its responses.

To clone a survey:

  1. Click on the particular survey which you would need to Clone. Click on the Clone Icon as shown below:




  1. This will take you to the Define Survey page wherein you can edit the survey from scratch if needed. You can edit the name of the Survey, Image and Description.
  2. To review the survey, click Preview to preview the survey design in full.



  • Themes, logos, logic, and other survey design settings will carry over to the copied version of the survey.
  • You can copy surveys shared with you.
  • You can send a copy of a survey to another account from the Surveys page.

Delete a Survey:

You also have an option in the Survey Index page to delete a particular survey if you do not need them anymore.



When you click on the delete option, a dialog box pops up as shown below:



When you give yes, the survey would get deleted displaying a message that the survey deleted successfully.

Manage Permission

Manage permission option helps to grant permissions to access, view, analyze, clone, edit or delete for a particular survey. If you have to provide permission for users/Groups/Department to a particular survey, click on Manage permission option and groups/department assigned to that particular survey appears.



Now, choose the access options. For example, if Dubai branch should only have access to table view you need to choose the option Table and save the changes. As a result, the users under the Dubai Branch group could view the survey only in table form.